Hunting for Challenging Paragliding Spots in Lombok

Are you on holiday to Lombok? What to do in Lombok? let’s try a challenging paragliding. Nature tourism in Lombok is not only suitable for you to see with your eyes. But also to test the big guts that you have, one of them with the main paragliding.

Because it has a lot of beautiful hills, Lombok Island is a hunted destination for paragliding athletes. In addition to its friendly natural contours, a broad supportive tropical atmosphere makes people interested in flying on the island of Lombok.

One of them is in Bukit Meang. Located in Buwun Village, Sekotong District, this one hill presents a beautiful natural panorama overlooking the beach.

What’s interesting about Maeng Hill is the matter of the two winds united in the middle, the sea breeze and the mountain wind. Needed, these wind blows can help you seamlessly control paragliding from both directions.

Not far from Bikit Maeng, there is Bukit Pengawisan. Even though you can’t float (flying on the edge of a hill), you don’t need to spend energy to climb the hill because the terrain is light enough to be passed on foot.

However, you will not be satisfied if you have not played paragliding in Bukit Pergasingan. Located in Sembalun Village, this hill has a beautiful and amazing green rice field background.

Challenging mountain wind characteristics challenge your guts to fly high or flat on this hill. Well, how, interested in trying?

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